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Animal Guidance

Coyote throughout history, multicultural folklore, artistic depictions, age-old spoken word - have been, yes - tricksters. They have been cunning and resourceful.

They have been forever persistent in EXISTENCE.
They have been the very image of wild freedom.

Their cacophonous symphony as it echoes through vast, moist forests or across sandy mountain pathways, holds divine principal to embrace our snarling, firey selves and surrender to our deepest of ancient loves - the spirit of earth.

Adaptive always, learning from experience, unafraid to misstep - simply because to misstep is to learn.

The Coyote has taught me lesson after lesson about surviving in worlds that do nothing but push to exterminate you. And in the most beautiful of ways.

Bounding, singing, celebrating shadow, celebrating mistakes, teaching us, in their reflection, how to be human more deliberately.

They teach through laughter. That when a mistake happens, how to fill the role of divine jester.
How to celebrate the rising of the morning sun.
How to sing, unapologetically.
How to resist.
How to adapt.
How to adjust.
How to say, no matter the circumstance.
"No. I am wild."

And as we begin to embody that wild, the singing, haunting, vicious, sometimes brutal but always gorgeous and always loving wild - we find our divinity inside of ourselves.

We hear our own howling,
our symphony begins.