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Sunflower Seeds

Tactile Sprites & Spirits by Coyote Sunflower.
Brought to life by queer, heart-forward hands. 
Embued with metaphysical properties through herb, ash, and stone. 
To bring to your home love, peace, abundance, guidance, and guardianship. 




There is great treasure in silent stillness, and he has unlocked the chest. Sit beside him when you stumble by his forest stream, he'll always have a cup of coffee or a yummy snack to spare for a friend traveling through. 

A gentle giant if there ever was one. Endlessly loving, protective, and guiding. Bristle is a significantly older sprite and holds much knowledge within their heart - knowledge which they very much love to bury between couch cushions in their friends' homes. Gems of experience for them to find, wise words and whispers that slip out during the night, and plant comfort and warmth into the spirits of those absorbing them from beneath the pillows. They promise they are not the one who has been taking your socks, though.